Introducing the InfoScreen system!

With our video guide you can learn about our InfoScreen information system and the InfoScreen+ mobile application.


Introducing the InfoScreen system!

With our video guide you can learn about our InfoScreen information system and the InfoScreen+ mobile application.


Open a new information channel between you and your apartment.

The InfoScreen opens a new direct information channel between the common representative, utilities, data communication service providers and property owners.

Our mobile application is available for our contracted partners, both for iOS and Android!

Stay in touch with the residential community wherever you are.

Date of electricity, water and gas meter reading
Information about lock exchanges, receipt of new keys
Date of residential meeting
Start and end of district heating season
Result of a residential meeting
Proxy key receipt date


Manage everything from your mobile, quickly and easily.

With our app, you can easily track your total cost balance, report your meter position, or call your house mechanic immediately in the event of a pipe break.

Stay up to date on issues affecting your flat, even when you’re away from it.

You can manage all your services in one place, from anywhere.

Interruption of electricity, water and gas supply
Extraordinary malfunction of Internet, telephone, TV service
Extraordinary malfunction of the utility network
Piping system renovation, radiator lowering
Planned renovation works
Elevator malfunction, repair, renovation date


Because all residential
communities need something else

Most popular

InfoScreen Basic

Our best value for money offer, all in one.
We will, of course, help you throughout the training.

installed screens continuous maintenance mobile app access for all users
Monthly fee of the package:

290Ft/apartment /month

available from. Additional informations

Infoscreen extra

Only for true luxury lovers who want to personalize the features of that app, all this completely ad-free.

installed screens personalized application completely ad-free
Monthly fee of the package:

690Ft/apartment /month

available from. Additional informations


We also prepared an offer for the fans of the intermediate solution, in which only the application can be used by the users.

The offer only includes the use of the mobile application.
Monthly fee of the package:

270Ft/apartment /month

available from. Additional informations


A well-targeted interface for advertisers,
advertisements relevant to the residential community.

Our surfaces are designed to accommodate advertisements that are relevant to each residential community.

If you would like to advertise with us, please contact us!

Please call back


We also help with co-representation tasks and save you hours

As a common representative, you have a lot of administrative and communication tasks, which, if you perform it uniformly using our interface, you can save yourself up to 10 hours a month.

But how?

By managing everything in a single interface, where you can see all the balances and data you need and with its help, you can get in touch with all residents and tenants instantly.

We have developed a system that is easy to learn and logical for everyone. Proper use of the system will be taught in person before installation and a description will be given as a gift.

Contact us and in a free consultation, we will present our admin interface for common representatives.

Please call back


What is the process for making InfoScreen available to me?

Following the contact, we will consult with the common representative. Once He provides us with an opportunity to introduce ourselves at the residential meeting and the apartment owners decide they need InfoScreen and the work will begin on the installation.

How much do I have to wait for InfoScreen?

In the optimal case, we also undertake the construction of the service and the training of the InfoScreen system within 1 month from the conclusion of the contract.

In which condominiums can the service be used?

We recommend our system for all condominiums in Budapest, be it a newly built residential house or a classic panel building. In each case, our staff will assess your residential property and recommend the most suitable package.

Can I use the service as a resident of a small town?

Currently, the InfoScreen system is only available in Budapest, but the network is being expanded to provide nationwide coverage, so if you are unable to use our service immediately in the near future, it will definitely be available to you as well.

I am a tenant, but I am thinking long term and I want to always well informed by the InfoScreen condominium information system. Can I use the service?

As a tenant, you can indicate your interest to us in a similar way to Homeowners. You can do this in several ways:

1. Please send an e-mail to your common representative about the InfoScreen services, thanking you for sending him a link from our website.

2. On our Website, the "I recommend the service to our common representative!" by clicking on, you will contact us with a common representative of the condominium using a form and we will contact him based on the information provided.

As a joint representative, how can I contact homeowners using the InfoScreen system?

We provide a special interface for the common representative, which only he can enter to manage issues affecting the condominium.

I don't want personalized advertising, can I still use it?

Naturally! If you don't want to see ads, we've come up with the InfoScreen extra package for you.


I am a resident, I am interested in the service!

Completing the information below is optional, but will greatly facilitate contact and speed up the implementation of the service.

I am a common representative, I am interested in the service!